Useful Hacks to Clean Your Home Using OxiClean!

 Useful Hacks to Clean Your Home Using OxiClean! 

    If you're looking for a powerful and effective way to remove stains and keep your home looking its best, look no further than OxiClean! This versatile cleaning solution is perfect for tackling a wide variety of cleaning challenges, from stubborn stains on clothing to grime and dirt on hard surfaces. In this blog post, we'll share some of our favorite cleaning hacks using OxiClean, so you can keep your home looking and smelling fresh and clean all year long.
    Incase you don’t know what OxiClean is, OxiClean is a popular stain remover that was first introduced in 1999. It's made with sodium percarbonate, which is a combination of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. OxiClean is known for being effective at removing a wide variety of stains, including grass, blood, and wine. It's also safe to use on most fabrics and surfaces.

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      Remember the old days when Billy Mays would be on the commercial and show you all kinds of cool ways to use OxiClean? I can still hear his voice “Don’t Just Clean it.. OxiClean It!”.  Most people are very familiar with OxiClean as a stain remover for clothes. But did you know it can do more than remove stains from your clothes? Below is a list of all the ways you can use oxyclean: 

Use as a laundry boaster: 

      You can use OxiClean to help keep the colors of your Clothes looking fresh. Typically I use a scoop of OxiClean per load of laundry. It’s best to use hot or warm water with OxiClean when cleaning clothing. 

Use as a stain remover for your clothes: 

       You can actually soak your clothes for up to 6 hours using OxiClean and warm water. I have removed Blood, Mud, Koolaid stains… you name it. I have two toddlers, life is just beginning to be hectic. 

       OxiClean is a powerful stain remover that can help you tackle even the toughest stains. To use it, simply mix a scoop of OxiClean with water to create a paste, then apply the paste to the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. After that, wash the item as usual, and the stain should be gone! 

  Use for your carpet and upholstery:

          With two little ones climbing everywhere and into everything, I clean a lot! And my Carpets seem to take the biggest hit, especially with spills. Lucky I keep OxiClean on hand. All I have to do is make a paste using warm water and OxiClean, leave it on the stain for a few minutes, then I use my spot cleaner to clean up the rest of the mess. 

    It doesn’t matter if the stain is a day old or a month old. OxiClean almost always comes through for me. I actually just did this over the weekend and my carpet looks so much better now, as does our couch! 

Use it to clean grout: 

      Again, make a paste using warm water and OxiClean. Spread the paste on the grout and leave it for a few minutes, then use a toothbrush and scrub! This is an easy way to clean grout. 

Use it to clean outdoor furniture and your patio: 

       Yes, you can even use it outside! If you have furniture outside that needs a good scrub, try OxiClean! It makes cleaning so much easier and the stains just come right up. I have actually used it on the outside of our RV, as it needed a good wash. And it made our 2008 C Class look bright white again! 

         If you need to make your patio bright again, OxiClean can help with that too! A good rule of thumb is to use about a cup of OxiClean per Gallon of warm water and then scrub the solution onto your patio and let it sit for about 30 minutes then rinse! Almost like new again. 

Use in the shower for soap scum: 

       A lot of people complain about how hard it is to get rid of soap scum especially on the shower doors. OxiClean easily removes soap scum. What I like to do is leave my shower running as hot as it will get for a few minutes and then turn the shower off, sprinkle OxiClean powder everywhere and scrub it in circular motion. It’s very effective, especially with a scrub daddy! Remember to rinse it with water when you’re done. 

Use it to clean Appliances: 

        OxiClean is actually great to use to clean out your dishwasher especially if you notice build up or it’s not cleaning your dishes as well as it used to. What I like to do is throw a scoop or two in the dishwasher, run it on a cycle without dishes, sometimes I’ll scrub it down before I run the cycle. 

       OxiClean also can be used to clean the washing machine. This is especially good if your washing machine starts smelling like mildew. I usually take a scoop and run it on a cycle. 

Use as a stain remover for toys:

        You can soak your children’s toys in warm water with a scoop of OxiClean for about 30 minutes. You can clean stuffed animals  and plastic toys this way. If you’re like us, your stroller gets super dirty, OxiClean can also be used to on that as well. 

Use to clean your trash can and garbage bin: 

       OxiClean can actually be used to clean your trash can and garbage bins. It definitely helps especially to eliminate some of those nasty smells. A cup per gallon of warm water you use normally does the trick. It leaves them looking way cleaner and less smelly. 


     These are just some of the ways you can use OxiClean. There are way more uses. However these seem to be the most popular ones for most people in their homes. 

           There you have it, these are Useful Hacks to Clean Your Home Using OxiClean

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